Bekki. 20. Cuban-American. Bi/Pan. NB. Illustrator. Aspiring Producer.
The Graveyard Girl
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pompadorablee: taler dooey u must give urself a shaving cream beard while singing daft punk and this must be video recorded and posted on tumblr


god bless u catrien

give me an hour or so to wake up the production studio and get my make up crew flown out here

This explains so much. 

Countries of Latin America

Cubaaaaa represent

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Anonymous: What's your major in college?



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I’m going to use Adventure Time gifs to respond to everything today >:)

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Anonymous: happy birthday you adorable person :)

This is so cute and nice!! 

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Ah yes, the one time of year where I get a bunch of emails from companies sending me well wishes with the not-so-hidden intention of getting me to buy things from them.

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It’s my birthday!! I’m 20! Not a teenager anymore!

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Henri Matisse - Goldfish (1911)

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Henri Matisse - Goldfish (1911)

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u think ur a flower, but really ur the whole meadow 

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To be white, or straight, or male, or middle class is to be simultaneously ubiquitous and invisible. You’re everywhere you look, you’re the standard against which everyone else is measured. You’re like water, like air. People will tell you they went to see a “woman doctor” or they will say they went to see “the doctor.” People will tell you they have a “gay colleague” or they’ll tell you about a colleague. A white person will be happy to tell you about a “Black friend,” but when that same person simply mentions a “friend,” everyone will assume the person is white. Any college course that doesn’t have the word “woman” or “gay” or “minority” in its title is a course about men, heterosexuals, and white people. But we call those courses “literature,” “history” or “political science.”

This invisibility is political.

Michael S. Kimmel, in the introduction to the book, “Privilege: A Reader”

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